Carers Support

Carers Lead - Kai Howard

Deputy Carers Lead - Alex Ward

Purton and Green Gable Surgery now have a Register of carers/cared for patients and invite all patients, who are caring or being cared for to enrol. (This does not include people employed to care)

As a carer you may feel you need some help and support for yourself

This information is also helpful to enable the surgery to plan our service

You may have been caring for the person, in their home, your home or elsewhere, regularly helping them with everyday tasks or giving them the assistance and support they need.

Perhaps you see it as part of your life, or duty, to care for your mum or dad, partner, child or friend, but there may be times when you need information, advice or some extra help. When you are a carer it is often difficult to have a real break because someone depends on you to look after them. You can get tired and run down and your health may suffer.


All information provided on these forms is confidential.  We will not pass your details to Social Services or Carers Support North Wilts if you do not give your consent.

In completing either form, you are consenting to an entry being made in your medical records to show that you are a Carer or receive help and support from a Carer. You may withdraw this consent at any time and request that this entry is removed.

Please note that we are unable to discuss your health needs, medication or treatment with your Carer unless you have given your consent by completing the appropriate form. 

If you would like further information, or would prefer to contact Carers Support Wiltshire direct, please see the contact details below.

Carers Support Wiltshire

Independent Living Centre

St George's Rd




BA14 6JQ

Tel :  0800 181 4118


National Strategy for carers website –

Telling your GP can help him/her to support you and make sure that you get the right sort of care.

You are important too.

Carers themselves have felt that it is important that GPs recognise and value the work they do as carers. The government has responded by encouraging GPs to make special arrangements to support carers.

We aim to identify all those patients who are carers and wish to be included in the carer’s register. This will mean that your caring role is recognised by the practice and steps taken to support you.

Even if you are not a patient at this practice we can still record the fact that you have a caring responsibility for someone who is registered with us.

If you wish your name to be included in the practice carer’s register please complete the attached form and return it to the surgery. Thank you.

Carers Registration Form